drink-now1994 Meursault, Charmes, 1er Cru, Robert Ampeau & Fils

Product: 1994-0750-00-8170527
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A captivating Burgundy with a beautifully aged character. This premier cru Chardonnay showcases a deep golden colour that hints at the wine's maturity. On the nose, rich aromas of baked apples, toasted hazelnuts, and a touch of butterscotch mingle harmoniously, inviting you to explore further.

The palate delivers a complex and velvety texture, with flavours of ripe pear, lemon marmalade, and hints of vanilla from well-integrated oak. The wine's acidity remains vibrant, adding freshness to the overall experience. The finish is long and graceful, leaving traces of subtle mineral notes and a whisper of toasted oak.

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