laying-down2015 Ao-Yun, Shangri-La, China

Product: HK689B
  • Wine Enthusiast
  • Robert Parker
  • For laying down


The project is unique in Moet Hennessy history as it is a brand-new winery creation: living the dream of any vigneron. It is the opportunity to discover a new region with fantastic potential, rich culture and breathtaking landscapes. Ao Yun means “roaming above the clouds E This name refers to the thick, wandering clouds of the incredible region and celebrates the birthplace of the legend of Shangri-La.

Heady aromas of black currant, black pepper, baking spices and eucalyptus set the scene for flavors of dark plum, cherry, black tea and ground pepper, with a touch of smoke. Tannins come on a touch strong at first, then subside into a mellow, spice-filled finish. Overall, the feeling on the palate is very luxurious, with a visceral sense of minerality in the mouth.

{***}{region}Yunnan, China{region}
{maturity}laying-down{maturity} {maturity-text}For laying down{maturity-text}
[]Wine Enthusiast::94/100
[]Robert Parker::94/100