ready-keepBarbadillo, Reliquia Oloroso, Sherry

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The NV Reliquia Oloroso jumps out of the glass, with a most peculiar combination of perfumed notes of dried roses, iodine, cigar-ash, cold bonfire and extra-vecchio aceto balsamico. The nose keeps changing, giving you new sensations every time you go back to it. The palate is extremely powerful, even aggressive. It has width and length, ending saline, but it is difficult to drink, almost painful. They used to call these wines 'handkerchief wines' as gentlemen in the old times used to wear a drop of them in their handkerchiefs for the aroma. A very complex, ultra-concentrated, intense, radical very old Oloroso. One of a kind, a true relic, this is an extreme wine if there is one. Drink carefully and in very small doses between 2013-2030. - Wine Advocate

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[]The Wine Advocate:: 95/100        
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