laying-down2019 La Gravette de Certan, Pomerol

Product: 2019-0750-00-8124171
  • For Laying Down


The 2019 La Gravette de Certan is an exquisite second wine. Deep ruby colour with delicate aromas of plummy red fruit and is extremely elegant. La Gravette is everything a second wine should be! A good friend of mine was discussing with me just the other day that one of his favourite wines of all time is the 2014 La Gravette de Certan. I’m pleased to say I’ve tried them both and I can confidently say that the 2019 clearly stands out as the winner. Juicy dark cherry fruit, spice, liquorice, new leather and lavender fill out the layers effortlessly. I imagine myself in years to come drinking this wine with a smile on my face with that same good friend very pleased to have purchased this excellent wine.

{maturity-text}For Laying Down{maturity-text}