ready-keep2008 Champagne R&L Legras, St. Vincent

Product: Y2261B
  • Richard Juhlin
  • Ready, but will keep


Although one should not necessarily judge a Champagne by the number of listings it has in the Michelin-starred restaurants of Paris, one can not fail but to be impressed by Legras in this respect; and in many other respects, indeed, as one tastes the wines. Founded in the 16th century, Legras is one of the great names of Chouilly, the famous and most northerly village of the Côte de Blancs. An exemplary Champagne from a peerless vintage. Superlatives abound in what Julien Barbier describes as one of the very best wines he has ever made, an archetype of Chouilly Chardonnay. Toasted almonds and lemon zest vie for attention on a deliciously complex palate, with honey and brioche in support. The five grams of sugar defer gently to the power of the vintage; the finish is symphonic yet restrained, with plenty of potential underscoring the taut corridor of its peroration.

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{maturity-text}Ready, but will keep{maturity-text}
[]Richard Juhlin:: 94/100{ratings}        {***}
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