ready-keep2016 Langhe Freisa, Cantina Mascarello Bartolo, Piedmont

Product: V6718B
  • Ready, but will keep


Freisa is only made by eight producers in the Langhe area and if you are not familiar with this grape, it mostly deservedly merits a try. Other producers ripped out their Freisa vines to make room for valuable Nebbiolo grapes. Among the producers who do make commercial wine with this rare indigenous grape, Maria Teresa's Mascarello's expression is one of the best and most traditional. I underline the traditional aspect of this wine because the 2014 Langhe Freisa shows some light and tingly effervescence that makes the wine even more cheerful and delightful to drink. It offers fresh acidity, abundant berry fruit and unique flavors of crushed white pepper on the finish.

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