The Wine Merchant's Glasses, The 'Whisky & Water' Glass - (set of 2)

Product: F00368KEY2


Berry Bros. & Rudd’s own range of exclusive glasses are produced by John Jenkins & Sons Ltd, a family business with a long-established reputation as one of the finest manufacturers of high-quality, hand-made bespoke glassware. The objective is quite simple: to produce a small range of glasses which, firstly, look supremely elegant on the table and, secondly, deliver wine to the palate of the consumer in a way that maximises its enjoyment. With the same perfect proportions in mind of the other glassware in our range, we have sought to produce a perfectly-balanced, fine Whisky & Water glass of great clarity. Solidly-based, this is perfect for spirits, which might require the addition of mixers and ice-cubes, or simply as a water glass.

Price $330