Inside Bordeaux by Jane Anson + A pair of Wine Merchant's Glasses, The 'Red Bordeaux' Glass

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Inside Bordeaux: Written by author and critic Jane Anson, Inside Bordeaux is a ground-breaking guide to the region. Jane has used her extensive knowledge of Bordeaux, alongside newly commissioned research, to delve into the region’s wines and winemakers. You’ll discover underrated properties, learn why particular wines taste as they do and much more. It’s an essential read for anyone who wants to understand the world’s most famous wine region.

The Wine Merchant's Glasses, The 'Red Bordeaux' Glass: The key here is to have a bowl of depth and breadth, with the rim slightly tapered at the top to concentrate the bouquet. Some fashionable examples are so big that they can hold almost a whole bottle of wine, and sometimes this means that the aromas of a more delicate wine can seem lost. Red Bordeaux can be high in tannins and acidity, so the glass has been shaped to enhance the expression of fruit on the mid-palate. This glass would also work well for Northern Rhône reds, which share some of the characteristics of Red Bordeaux.

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