Hyojuki 3 yr Junmai Daiginjo Sake Set

Product: HK561B+HK848B


The Hyojuki 3-Year is a truly distinct sake brewed from highly polished Yamadanishiki rice to a rate of 35%, and aged for three years under very cold conditions of only -5 degrees Celsius. The effect of this is to retain volatile esters, which are elements that produce gentle fruity and floral aromatics. Under ageing conditions of regular temperatures, these would have been faded overtime. In the end, this below zero degree aged sake is far more refined and mellowed than one that is freshly brewed, but because of the low temperature, it retains its youthful charm and pureness. Packaged in a beautiful limited-edition red-and-gold droplet bottle including a gift box, this is an experience not to be missed.

Namazake (生é�EUnpasteurized sake), captures the liveliness of sake, and they are much more vibrant and refreshing in the glass with intricate, changing flavours and a crisper edge. Normally, sake will go through pasteurization (火入めE once or twice after being pressed and filtered, stopping micro-organisms and deactivating amylase, protease and other remaining enzymes, in order to improve storage stability. However, this pasteurization process also reduces some fresh and attractive flavours of the sake. Genshu (原é�E) styles make this even more apparent as the final brew is not balanced with water, but left in its original and more intense form.

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