DATÁE7 Season II Episode 2

Product: HK900


“Date 7 Eis a collaboration between seven breweries in the Miyagi prefecture aim to improve their brewing techniques and the quality of their sake through technical refinement. This project started in 2015 and the first “Season Ereached its final episode in 2021, and revived as “Season II Ein 2022. In this season, two leading breweries will showcase their unique style under one same theme in each episode, so there will be a pair of sakes to be released for each year. For 2023 release - Date 7, Season II, Episode 2, the two leading breweries – Yamawa (山和é�E造) and Hagino Tsuru (萩野é�E造) will brew with the same rice and polishing ratio specifications, while expressing the unique flavors of each brewery. The other five breweries will also take parts in different brewing process of both sakes.

1 x Yamawa style (山咁EStyle):
immaculate balance of gentle ginjo notes with refreshing acidity & supremely refined umami. "aesthetics of subtraction" true to the adage of Yamawa Shuzo, Yamadanishiki is expressed in its opulence, yet brilliantly restrained.
1 x Hagino Tsuru style (萩の鶴 Style):
juicy acidity bursting forth with exuberant tropical notes, culminating to a restrained, sharap finish. as the artwork depicts, a free-spirited & fun adventure awaits!

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