laying-down2018 Vosne-Romanée, Benjamin Leroux

Product: 2018-0750-00-1339239
  • For laying down


Ben now has access to all the vines from his supplier in Vosne, so this year this wine is an even more complex quilt of different vineyards, namely Basses Maizières, Genaivrières, La Rivière, Aux Raviolles and Les Jacquines. It’s full of sumptuous, open and juicy fruit, with a lovely positive mid-palate. The greater volume this year from the newer vineyards means a little less whole-bunch, at 33%. 

{color}Red{color}                                                                                                {maturity}laying-down{maturity} {maturity-text}For laying down{maturity-text}
Bottle Price 75 cl $585.00