ready-keep1998 Vin Jaune, Château-Chalon AC, Jean Bourdy

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  • Ready, but will keep


For seven generations, this deeply rooted Jura family has been amassing a collection of vintage wines that date back to 1781, all stored and maintained in excellent condition. According to Robert Parker: "Wines from Jean-Francois Bourdy’s small cellar in Arlay have been trickling into the world’s wine markets with increasing regularity over the past decade (though there is a history of these wines in the U.S. even before World War II), causing considerable waves, an American fan club having accumulated, with buzz centering understandably around the Bourdys Ehuge assortment of vintages spanning well more than a century." (06/2012)

Their Château-Chalon Vin Jaune is made in the classic oxidative style, which brings out nutty, luxurious aromas from the Savagnin grape. The Savagnin variety is ancient and rare, only cultivated in the Savoie/Jura/Alsace corner of the world, producing wines that are quirky and luminescent, with the ability to live on and on in the cellar.

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