laying-down2016 Nuits-St Georges, Aux Boudots, 1er Cru, Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey

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Pierre-Yves Colin described the 2016 vintage as 'one where the growing season is still painful to think about as we had almost no vines that were spared from frost damage. It's depressing to know at the very beginning that your yields are going to be seriously reduced, which in this case means that they were off between -20 and -90%. Add to this a virulent attack of mildew that kept all of us constantly on edge as the wet weather made it difficult to treat exactly when we wanted. Thankfully the second half of July, August and September were basically ideal and in the end the vines managed to ripen what fruit remained to more than respectable levels. In fact, the way I choose to look at it is that the fine weather in the second half of the growing season didn't save the quantities but it did save the quality. We chose to begin picking on the 22nd of September and the fruit was so clean that there was essentially no sorting of any consequence. Sugars were very good as were the associated acid levels. Despite this some wines refused to cooperate in the cellar as some didn't want to finish their alcoholic fermentations and others balked at finishing their malos. As to the quality, I would describe my 2016s as ranging from very good to excellent though they're not monuments.

Allen Meadows, 

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