Katsuyama 勝山 Junmai Daiginjo Sake Case + DATÁE7 Season II Episode 1

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Each set contains:
Gin no Iroha, Junmai Daiginjo, Katsuyama - 吟ã�EぁE‚�は -  純米大吟é�E ÁE2 bottles
Den, Junmai Daiginjo, Katsuyama - 企E 純米大吟é�E × 2 bottles
Sensho Masamune Junmai Daiginjo -戰勝政宁E 純米大吟釀 ÁE2 bottles
DATÁE7 Season II Episode 1 Koganezawa 黁E�ß澤 × 1 bottle
DATÁE7 Season II Episode 1 Urakasumi 浦霁E/strong> × 1 bottle

Gin no Iroha, Junmai Daiginjo, Katsuyama - 吟ã�EぁE‚�は -  純米大吟é�E
Made from the new sake rice released in 2020 - Gin no Iroha, this Junmai Daiginjo is designed for fruity aroma with a soft and smooth texture. Made and released in very limited quality.


Den, Junmai Daiginjo, Katsuyama - 企E 純米大吟é�E
A junmai daiginjo at the pinnacle of traditional sake brewing, it features a fruity aroma and distinct rich flavors. Of special note is that, unlike daiginjo sake made by adding alcohol, this sake has the true characteristics of a junmai daiginjo. The crisp and clean umami stands out clearly and lingers as a distinct aftertaste. It is an excellent choice for drinking with tuna sashimi, from fatty to medium fatty and red, and with salmon sushi or other flavorful foods. It also goes well with meat and meat dishes, whether prepared in Japanese or western styles, and other such foods that bring out the umami. Den comes from the word for "tradition," referring to the traditional way this sake is brewed. The name Den also means "to convey" thoughts and feelings.
Silver medals in US National Sake Appraisal 2020
President award (Best Sake in all category) in Kura Master 2019
Platinum award in Concours Mondial de Bruxelles Sake Selection 2018


Sensho Masamune Junmai Daiginjo -戰勝政宁E 純米大吟釀 
This Sensho Masamune is a true representation of Sendai’s superior brewing tradition. This sake is a wine lovers Esake, with hints of dried fruit and smokiness, yet maintaining the pure rich umami of quality rice.
Best Yamada-Nishiki  EKura Master 2020
Gold medal  ESake-Junmai Daiginjo  EHKIWSC 2020


DATÁE7 - SEASON II of this prolific collaboration among 7 Breweries from Miyagi Prefecture sees the induction of Urakasumi, in place of Miyakanbai. Episode I starts off with a whole new approach, with 2 Host Breweries; highly acclaimed Urakasumi 浦霁E& Koganesawa 黁E�ß澤, helmed by Miyagi's most prominent female Toji. The original band of 7 breweries came together in the midst of their re-construction efforts after the great Tohoku earthquake in 2011. As with previous editions, the sake brewing process was carved out into parts and each of the seven breweries was assigned their respective roles.

Host : Urakasumi (浦霁E, Koganesawa (黁E�ß澤)
Rice Polishing : Hagi no Tsuru (萩の鶴)
Koji : Yamawa (山咁E
Shubo : Hakurakusei (伯楽昁E
Moromi : Suminoe (墨廼汁E
Shibori : Katsuyama (勝山)

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