Australian Wine Mixed Case

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Each case contains 6 bottles each of below:

2018 No Stone Unturned Semillon/ Chardonnay, Murray Darling

No Stone Unturned pays homage to Afferbeck Lauder's 1960's seminal treatises on Australian pronunciation. Lets Stalk Strine and Nose Tone Unturned. The wine showcases the success of the honeyed exotic Semillion married with the citrus lift of the Chardonnay. Undeniably this is African Grey Twine.

2018 Stone The Crows Shiraz/Cabernet, South-East Australia

Stone the crows! A British/Australian exclamation of surprise and a worthy reaction to a wine as good as this. To traditional spicy Aussie Shiraz has been blended a deft infusion of Cabernet, adding a savoury note and fine structure. A glorious demonstration of the twin peaks of Australia's towering reds.

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