Limited Edition Sake Case

Product: SO157454


Mixed case of limited sakes from Katsuyama, including 2 different collaborations – “Date 7” and “Yamakan” and also a limited summer sake “Ice Valley”.

Each set contains :
1 set of 2 bottles of Date 7, Season II, Episode 2 
Yamakan - Daiginjo × 1 bottle
“Ice Valley” sake, Summer Limited, Katsuyama × 4 bottle

Date 7, Season II, Episode 2, Junmai Daiginjo – set of 2 bottles includes:
1 x Yamawa style (山和 Style):
immaculate balance of gentle ginjo notes with refreshing acidity & supremely refined umami. "aesthetics of subtraction" true to the adage of Yamawa Shuzo, Yamadanishiki is expressed in its opulence, yet brilliantly restrained.
1 x Hagino Tsuru style (萩の鶴 Style):
juicy acidity bursting forth with exuberant tropical notes, culminating to a restrained, sharap finish. as the artwork depicts, a free-spirited & fun adventure awaits!

Yamakan Daiginjo (2nd release), Katsuyama & Abekan - 大吟醸ヤカマン, 勝山 x 阿部勘  
The Yamakan 2nd release is definitely worth trying and will make a great addition to any gathering. It combines two brewing styles, producing a unique, high-quality sake whose aroma has a well-balanced body and taste is incredibly smooth with a subtle richness. This sake will take you on a journey of the senses and its complexity of flavor will satisfy even the most discerning palates. An unforgettable taste has been created by this blend of two different sake Brewery.


“Ice Valley” sake, Summer Limited, Katsuyama  
Experience the unique taste of "Katsuyama ICE VALLEY" - a departure from Katsuyama's traditional aromatic and sweet sake. Enjoy its dry and rich flavor straight, chilled, or on the rocks with ice, for a delightful combination of refreshing ripe Japanese peach aroma, natural umami, and a crisp mouth-watering finish. Customize your experience by adding yuzu or lime for a light, subtle taste.

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